Treatment with essential oils

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to create more balance in the body and mind. Maharishi aromatherapy contributes to the process of refining the senses. As a result every experience can be processed into an experience of happiness. magnolia

Aromatherapy will affect the person in various ways: By nose: the smell of the oils will activate the areas in the brain that are associated with emotions, without intervention of the cerebral cortex, i.e. before conscious perception takes place. In this way the aromas influence our mood. When you search in Pubmed, the medical research database, for essential oils, there will be over 12.000 hits! A number of these studies concern the antibacterial properties of essential oils. This could be a solution for bacteria that are immune to antibiotics. Essential oils contain live, intelligent molecules. One way these can communicate with our body is through receptors on the cells. In this way our metabolism can be influenced: stimulated by kapha pacifying oils, or soothed by vata and pitta pacifying oils.

Even in the classical Ayurveda texts aromatherapy is mentioned. There is a lively tradition of aromatherapy in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Aroma consultation

An appointment for an aroma consultation is also possible. During the consultation you will have a direct experience of the essential oils and you will be given advice for home use. Because of the preparation needed, it is necessary to complete and return a questionnaire before your appointment. The consultation and aroma-treatment will last approximately one hour. Book an appointment now.







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