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A personal Ayurveda consultation is the key to any treatment. By means of observation, investigation and pulse diagnosis I can find out what your body's strong areas are and whether there are any imbalances or weaknesses. Based on this diagnosis I can find the origin of your complaints, even if it isn't an obvious one. For example: Recently a woman came to me for a consultation who complained of recurring flu symptoms. The pulse diagnosis showed a poorly functioning liver to be the cause of her symptoms. After taking a herbal remedy and a change in diet her symptoms disappeared rapidly.

Prior to the consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire. Please bring the completed questionnaire with you to your appointment. This means there will be ample time for a personal consultation. If there are any lab results or examinations by other colleagues we will ask you to bring a copy to your consultation. Please also take all information relating to medicine use or packaging with you.


In order to make a diagnosis, I will use not only my medical knowledge I acquired as a Doctor of Medicine, but also my knowledge about Ayurveda. The special Ayurveda pulse diagnosis provides me with detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses in all your body parts and organs. It also gives me information about your , the toxins in your body (ama), the strength of your digestion (agni) and the power of healing (ojas) in general.


The Ayurveda treatment corrects the natural balance (homoeostasis) in your body and mind. For this purpose Maharishi Ayurveda gives the following advice:

1. Advice for your personal constitution:

This advice is simple to put into practice. But will nevertheless have a large impact on your general health. This sort of advice relates to lifestyle: exercise, digestion, diet or routine. We also take into account the effect your behaviour, emotions, thought patterns and environment have on your health.

2. Ayurveda herbal remedies:

The herbs are used to target specific organs to improve their functioning. These are natural herbs and do not contain any harmful substances.

3. Ayurveda treatments:

If appropriate, I will give additional advice on specific yoga or breathing exercises, on Transcendental Meditation courses or a cleansing practice (detox treatment) in the Maharishi Ayurveda Health centre (MAG).

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